Shoot and Share Contest Results 2017 | Portland Oregon Birth and Family Photographer

Woo hoo! I took the plunge this year and decided to enter 50 photos into the BIGGEST photography contest out there. At least I think it's the biggest. It was the first year I entered, and while I had read mixed reviews, I've got to say I really enjoyed it. It's absolutely FREE! So you can enter from 1-50 photos, at no cost to you...which I think rocks. I was completely stoked and honored to see my results! 

I ended up having two images place as finalists (top 3%), 8 place in the top 10%, 7 place in the top 20% and 11 place in the top 30%. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. My goal for next year is to have more in the finalist category, and maybe even one or two place as top 100 in their category. We will see! But, for now...please enjoy the photos that placed from my work in 2017. THANK YOU to all of my wonderful and amazing clients for letting me document your stories. 

My first finalist image was of this amazingly STRONG Mama. She worked so hard to welcome baby Earthside as they grew their family from 5 to 6. It was so so wonderful to watch. This image placed #395 out of 29,560 images in the birth and newborn category.

Strong mama labors in tub at home

The next finalist image happens to be from the same beautiful family. This image was taken after their in home documentary newborn session in Hood River, Oregon. It is one of my favorite images of all time! This image placed #436 out of 35,570  images in the"kids" category.

Kids play and look out window of Dad's old ford truck

The next batch of images are those that placed in the top 10%, followed by top 20% and top 30%. Again - this contest was so much fun to enter! I can't wait to do so again next year.


Oak and Badger PHotography and Film | Top 10%
Oak and Badger Photography and Film | Top 10%
Oak and Badger Photography and Film | Top 20%
Oak and Badger Photography and Film | Top 20%
Oak and Badger Photography and Film | Top 30%
Oak and Badger Photography and Film | Top 30%

Lastly, enjoy this little video compilation made by Vivi showcasing most of the 50 images I entered in the 2017 Shoot and Share photo contest! Visit their site to check out all of the amazing images entered this year!