2017 - 365 Project | Portland Oregon Documentary Family Photographer

Well, I wasn't great about posting every day, but I am proud to say that I took a picture ALMOST every day in 2017. This was literally the best thing I did all year, I'm sure of it. To be able to watch this back is just mesmerizing and brings back so many memories throughout the year. I can't wait to order a photo book for our family. 

I may have missed some days, I may have used more than one photo on a handful of days, and I may have gotten behind on editing (woops...I ended up editing August-December all in one setting), but I DID IT. Feels good. And this year, I have yet to miss a day! (Though we are only on day 8.)

Enjoy a little snippet of our year...

And let me take this moment to say - go take photos! Take them of your kids. Get yourself in the photo. Take photos of everyone important to you. There's no need to live on your phone, but pull it out once a day. I think you'll thank me later.

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