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Hi! I'm Jenny, a former Michigander that has fallen in love with Portland. i started my journey into photography and birth work after having my first son, calvin. i was bit by the 'birth bug' became a doula in early 2013. soon after, i decided to combine my passions for photography and birth - and that's how i became a documentary photographer.

oak + badger was named after my kids. my youngest reminds me of a badger: spunky, strong willed, and fiercely independent. my oldest is like an oak tree: wise beyond his years, strong, and immensely loyal.

i love being a mom. so much.

I will never turn down coffee. Ever.

i have watched every episode of gilmore girls more times than i can count.

likewise, i have changed my hair color more times than i can count.

i have a degree in zoology. that i've never used.

i truly believe documentary photography and videography is where it's at. and i'm gonna be real honest with you right now so listen up. your kids are my clients. i'm creating these memories for them. when they grow up and have kids of their own, they'll want to see what you looked like when they were born. when they were 2. when they were 8. but now how you looked standing stiff with a fake smile awkwardly looking at the camera. they'll want to see how you looked gazing into their eyes, comforting them when they were sad, going down the slide with them at the park. get the picture yet? hire me and while i can't promise any specific picture, i can guarantee you'll walk away with treasured memories you can hand down for generations to come.

my family is currently hunting for a new furry dog friend. if you read this, please tell me what kind-of dog we should get and why. seriously...thank you!

Oh! And yes, if you came here from Jeanette Lee Photography + Films, or you're wondering if I'm the same person. Yes, yes I am. I just changed my business name change and re-branded (January 2018) - I hope you like the new look!


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